School Uniforms



For boys:        Navy blue pants or shorts (NO jeans); plain white shirt or plain navy blue polo shirt or Fenton logo shirt or sweatshirt.


For girls:       Navy blue pants or shorts (NO jeans), “skort” or skirt; plain white blouse or shirt, plain navy blue blouse or polo shirt, or Fenton logo shirt or sweatshirt.


            Pullover tops for boys and girls must be navy blue or plain white.


All shirts must be PLAIN white, except shirts with the Fenton logo, clean and in good condition.



Students are to come to school clean, neat, and with hair combed in a style and/or color that is NOT distracting or disruptive to school activities.This determination will be made at the sole discretion of the administration. [NO Mohawks, spiked hair, glitter in hair, designs in the hair or haircut, or hair dyed an unnatural color (such as green, orange, purple, etc.)]


Students are to be dressed appropriately for the weather, and in a clean, well-cared for Fenton-approved student uniform (see General School Rules #5).  Please remember that proper hygiene is essential to ensure a student’s positive self-esteem.


Students are to wear appropriate shoes for school.  Open sandals, thongs, high heels, or other types of footwear deemed to be a safety hazard to the student (or to other students), are NOT appropriate for school and may not be worn to school.


Students are NOT to wear or bring:

  • make-up, stick-on or artificial nails, or nail polish
  • gang attire including, but not limited to:

                                    -           spiked bracelets

                                    -           gang insignias

                                    -           other stimulating paraphernalia

-           clothing or jewelry which promotes substance abuse or other    

            illegal/dangerous activities

-           tattoos of any kind


Students are NOT to wear dangling earrings.


Sweaters and jackets must be labeled with the child’s name, preferably on the inside of the neckline or collar.


Students may wear hats outside for recess, lunch and P.E. for protection from the sun. Hats may not contain any sports logos or inappropriate images, and may not be worn inside the classroom.


A student who does not follow the school dress code will be subject to the consequences outlined under General Discipline Procedures (SRC-5).  In addition, a parent may upon occasion be called and asked to bring a change of shoes and/or clothes to school, especially in cases in which the shoes/clothes worn by the student cause a safety hazard, a disruption of the school’s activities, or the student is not dressed in the approved Fenton uniform. Families who repeatedly fail to adhere to the Fenton Primary Center dress code may be referred to the Parent Review Board.